Mixtape Sunday: May Day Mix

We are at May for the MayDay mix. A bunch of New Wave mostly early. It took me forever to find a reasonably priced CD of Hasi Fantazee. If there was an inspiration for this month I don’t remember it, I think it was mostly I came across some old CDs.

We got the Beat – The Gogos
Sudden Impact – Big Audio Dynamite
Fire in Cairo – The Cure
I Could be Happy – Altered Images
Karma Chameleon – Culture Club
Pleasure Victim – Berlin
Shiny Shiny (Good Times Mix) – Hazsi Fantayzee
In The Flat Field – Bauhaus
Tear Her To Shreds – Blondie
Don’t Stop the Dance – Roxy Music
Tristesse – The Church
The Chauffeur – Duran Duran
Seven Seas – Echo and the Bunnymen
Regrets – The Eurythmics
Red Skies – The Fixx
Don’t Change – INXS
I Melt With You – Modern English
Between Something and Nothing – Ocean Blue
Radio Free Europe – R.E.M.


Workout Groove: Music

This is a new weekly thing focusing around exercise and movement.  Its going to be based on what I am grooving on that week. So it might be an exercise, stretching, dynamic movement, yoga, music, or something I thought was cool and want to try. So if you have something you are interested in or a question let me know and we can address it in this weekly blog segment.

This segment is starting with me getting over being ill.  So I haven’t grooved on much of anything. Yoga got dialed back when it started aggravating my headache.  It did give me a chance to make a September playlist.  Music plays a huge role in working out for me.  Since I lift at home I usually use a CD player for my listening enjoyment and enjoy a good mix tape (yeah I know its a CD but mix CD just doesn’t flow.)  I embarked to make a mix tape for each month of the year. Some have themes some don’t.  I know its a little late as I should be making Octobers but that’s just how it happened.

September: Rainy Day Mix
 photo 4a4e1b42-7893-48b2-ad43-a641a7e40f4f.jpg