Weekly Groove: A timer

It sounds silly that a simple timer is the weekly groove but that thing has come in very handy more than once.  I got it for meditating and have used it for for more than just that.  Its portable so I can take it with me to the garage if I am timing something and want to work out.  Which is what I did on Pie Day, the day before Thanksgiving.  That’s Pie Day as I make all the pies the day before.  It takes a good chunk of time but much of it is waiting for things to cook.  So I grabbed my portable timer and headed out to the garaged and yogaed.
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Weekly Groove: Pets

Weekly groove is pets, they can put a smile on your face even when your day has turned to crap.

Zachary cat helping sort out a cupboard.
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Doc being cheeky
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Tamson, Hey that dishwasher smells clean.
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Barny rolling in the catnip.
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Weekly Groove: Bulk Bins

Weekly Groove this week is bulk bins. I love me some bulk bins. One of the first things that happened when I moved to Montana was we joined the co-op in Bozeman. They offer high quality bulk bins with a great selection most of which is organic and some of it even from Montana. You can buy as much or as little as you want, which makes it perfect for trying out a new item. It also lets you stock up on items you use a lot. We tend to blow through unsweetened cocoa powder and buy it in bulk from the co-op. You can also find odd ball beans and grains. Anasazi beans are pretty and tasty.

Go check out your bulk bin section and see what treasures you discover.
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Weekly Groove: Dynamic Warmup

Weekly Groove is the Dynamic Warmup. Ever since a dynamic warm up appeared in NROLA (New Rules of Lifting Abs) I’ve been hooked. I’ve created one to warm up with weights that is a mix of NROLA, NROL4L (for Life), some GGS (Girls Gone Strong), and stuff I like. There is also one from Runner’s World that I use before running.

If you are just starting out the dynamic warm up is going to look a lot like a work out and probably feel like one too. It was tough getting started with the dynamic warmup it felt hard but after not using it a couple times I realized I feel more prepared to lift or run. The running one is a very subtle feeling of being more ready to run.

Here is my current dynamic warm up that I use before weights. It takes me a bout 10 minutes.

10 Walking Crossover toe touch
5 Squat to stand
10 1- leg 1/4 squat
10 Side lunge with touch
10 Glute bridge
5 Knee to armpit (supine)
5 Rotation form quadruped
5 Bird dog each side
5 Down dog to spider man
5 1/2 kneeling thoracic rotation
5 inch worms
5 reverse lunge with twist
10 Grande battement
10 March in place
10Butt kicks

Weekly Groove: Reverse Triangle

Yoga has poses that we love, hate or love to hate, reverse triangle. Holy moly this one pose I’ve worked on for years and years, than I worked some more on it. Its only been in the last couple of years that I have started to find ease and space in it. There is still much concentrating on the breath to stay focused it is a complicated asana that twists us in a way we don’t use much.

Reverse triangle may be difficult but my IT Band loves it. This pose and the foam roller keep my IT band happy. It remains one of my foundation poses for any standing sequence I do and that is why it is this weeks groove.
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