What’s going on in my world.

I sit here trying to write the blog for Monday and keep just staring out the window at the snow falling, yes it’s still snowing. March came in like a lion and appears to be leaving like one too. The last few days have just been downers, the weather is so awful. Everyone in the neighborhood is getting cranky. On the days we do get some sun all it does is create is mud and by mud I mean the kind that pulls boots off and you sink. Makes feeding animals a lot of fun.
 photo DSCF2014-5.jpg
Anyways enough with the blahs and weather as there is also some really awesome stuff happening. I’m currently in B-School and loving it. So much info has been dumped into my brain I can’t process it all yet. Going through B-school has made me realize a couple of things.

One I am going to focus in more on food and cooking for the rest of the year. I tend to think of the blog year starting in April as that is when I started this blog. There will still be some fitness and wellness but my focus is cooking and food.

The second big change is I am in the process of moving to a self hosted site, so if you notice the URL change,that’s why. There will be some formatting and frequency changes. Nothing huge just a shift to looking more like a business and less like just a blog. The other big change is I’ll be posting two blog posts a week. Friday is staying the Weekly Menu and a recipe as meal planning is something I feel strongly about. So blog days will be Wednesday and Friday. The newsletter will still go out on Tuesdays.

I hope you all are having better weather than me and are frolicking through the tulips surrounded by butterflies. April is going to be a month of recipes to celebrate my birthday month, so I hope you are ready. I’ll be posting some family favorites.