Pinterest, Twiter and the FB, where to find me.

Somedays I feel like I am everywhere with social media. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest are the three that I’ve been consistent at doing. A couple things that have changed in the past two months are my Facebook page and opening a Pinterest account as a business. Like I need more incentive to be on Pinterest but now my Health Coaching Peeps don’t have to sift through the 500 pins of nail art on my personal account.
 photo Pin-Me-Like-Me-Tweet-ME.jpg
On Facebook I haven’t been happy with using Radiance Health for a while and finally just sucked it up and changed it. It now uses my name instead of Radiance Health. So far using the Radiance Health handle on twitter doesn’t bother me but it did on Facebook. I have no idea why.

Here are the places you can find me.

Pinterest. I took to Pinterest like a fish takes to water. It is the first form of social media that I loved.

Twitter was something I thought I would hate and ended finding out it was fun to tweet and play with hashtags.

Facebook was my first social media experience and the one I just changed.

So like me, join my pin boards, or tweet at me if it pleases you. I am always looking for new people to follow on twitter and Pinterest.


Body Image, Pinterest, and Me.

As I peruse pinterest I am always amazed at the amount of sexualization of fitness and fitness photos. It gets to the point where it feels almost overwhelming and disheartening. There’s the squat butt camp, the thigh gap group, the you can do it just ignore pain, etc. The one thing the have in common is a picture of a woman with no head. She is just a breasts, bum, and thighs, even the Venus of Willendorf got a head.
 photo Venus_von_Willendorf_01.jpgThere came a point where I stopped looking at these and started dissecting them. What are they saying to me and others out there? If you do enough squats you will have a perfectly rounded bum, work hard enough you too can have a thigh gap, never mind the pain hurting yourself is good. Are these healthy? I ask myself this and I wonder who out there is damaging themselves to get something that just might be unattainable for them.

I have a butt, it doesn’t matter if I squat or not. I have a butt: skinny, fat, and in between its just there. It is a matter of genetics for me. A college study buddy worked very hard to get a small bum, she squatted and did heavy weights, she will never have a “squat butt.”
 photo eosbvffrt76ee6r.jpgAs teen Mademoiselle magazine was where I first encountered the thigh gap concept. The gist being you did not have a thigh gap you were, not thin. First thought was crap I don’t have one, I’m fat. The truth is to achieve a thigh gap, maybe, because I haven’t ever had one, and might never get one even at anorexic body fat levels. It would take a lot of starvation on my part to get me anywhere near a thigh gap. And if you feel pain while working out, please stop, that is called an injury. Yes, you might feel discomfort but pain, pain is not good. Pain is your body telling you to stop.

We need to celebrate our bodies and not some in the future potential us. What you look like right now is gorgeous, what you will look like tomorrow is beautiful. Celebrate who and what you are now, because the truth is you need to love yourself, just as you are.

Venus of Willendorf picture from Wikipedia.