Monthly Groove: December 2012

I keep asking myself what I grooved on this month other than cookies. I think my main groove was taking it easy and resting. December was not a stellar exercise month for me. Exercise? What’s that?
 photo Rest-does-a-body-good.jpg
Between mojo loss, being busy, and a couple of wonky muscles I’ve done more not exercising than I have in ages. I can’t remember the last time I took this much time off. Its been a very long time.

Resting has been good for the most part and I am always amazed at how much time I have when I do not exercise. That’s when you realize you just spent the time you used to exercise messing around in the internet.

This month’s groove is definitely resting and taking a break from exercise. My mojo is coming back. I no longer think about things I love to do and hem and haw about doing them. Yogaing is back. I feel ready to get back to lifting and do a bit of short running.

Rest does a body good, don’t ignore it especially if you start to hate everything you love to do. Best thing I decided to do this month was take it easy.

What did you groove on for December?

Weekly Groove: A timer

It sounds silly that a simple timer is the weekly groove but that thing has come in very handy more than once.  I got it for meditating and have used it for for more than just that.  Its portable so I can take it with me to the garage if I am timing something and want to work out.  Which is what I did on Pie Day, the day before Thanksgiving.  That’s Pie Day as I make all the pies the day before.  It takes a good chunk of time but much of it is waiting for things to cook.  So I grabbed my portable timer and headed out to the garaged and yogaed.
 photo DSCF2004-2.jpg

Weekly Groove: Dynamic Warmup

Weekly Groove is the Dynamic Warmup. Ever since a dynamic warm up appeared in NROLA (New Rules of Lifting Abs) I’ve been hooked. I’ve created one to warm up with weights that is a mix of NROLA, NROL4L (for Life), some GGS (Girls Gone Strong), and stuff I like. There is also one from Runner’s World that I use before running.

If you are just starting out the dynamic warm up is going to look a lot like a work out and probably feel like one too. It was tough getting started with the dynamic warmup it felt hard but after not using it a couple times I realized I feel more prepared to lift or run. The running one is a very subtle feeling of being more ready to run.

Here is my current dynamic warm up that I use before weights. It takes me a bout 10 minutes.

10 Walking Crossover toe touch
5 Squat to stand
10 1- leg 1/4 squat
10 Side lunge with touch
10 Glute bridge
5 Knee to armpit (supine)
5 Rotation form quadruped
5 Bird dog each side
5 Down dog to spider man
5 1/2 kneeling thoracic rotation
5 inch worms
5 reverse lunge with twist
10 Grande battement
10 March in place
10Butt kicks

Weekly Groove: DIY Weighted Backpack

I was walking past our garbage one day and noticed a backpack in it. We don’t have garbage pick up so we have to hoard our garbage until someone deicides to drive seven miles to the green boxes. So I pulled it out, it was on top and not slimed. Which led me to check out the zippers, most of them were fine. It was just what I needed. If it got destroyed no one cared and it was free.

I put rocks in it and made it into a weighted bag. Sometimes you have to think out of the box when you have a home gym and create what you need. What I like about my weighted backpack was free and I can remove or add rocks easily. You can carry in your hands, put it on your back, or hug it and run up a hill with it.
 photo DSCF2021.jpg

Weekly Groove: Reverse Triangle

Yoga has poses that we love, hate or love to hate, reverse triangle. Holy moly this one pose I’ve worked on for years and years, than I worked some more on it. Its only been in the last couple of years that I have started to find ease and space in it. There is still much concentrating on the breath to stay focused it is a complicated asana that twists us in a way we don’t use much.

Reverse triangle may be difficult but my IT Band loves it. This pose and the foam roller keep my IT band happy. It remains one of my foundation poses for any standing sequence I do and that is why it is this weeks groove.
 photo DSCF2004-1.jpg

Weekly Groove: Cold Weather Running Tops

have two kinds of running gear hot weather and cold weather. Hot weather is easy tanks and shorts. Cold weather running clothes now I put more thought into those. Buying a a top or bottoms that don’t work for the cold are a bummer. I have several cold weather items that I don’t like and both of them have one thing in common, they are too short. It is currently snowing here as I write this post.

Which brings us to the weekly groove favorite cold weather running tops. Things that make it a good top are… Long sleeves that cover at least part of my hands, preferably with a thumb slit. The top also needs to be long and form fitting. I have a too short and not form fitting one and the cold just goes right up it and the sleeves will not pull over my hands. I only wear it when I have to or am walking. A zipper in front is nice too, so you can unzip or zip depending on how warm or chilly you feel.
 photo DSCF2015-3.jpgIt is currently snowing here as I write this post, so it feels appropriate to talk about cold weather running tops.

Workout Groove: Music

This is a new weekly thing focusing around exercise and movement.  Its going to be based on what I am grooving on that week. So it might be an exercise, stretching, dynamic movement, yoga, music, or something I thought was cool and want to try. So if you have something you are interested in or a question let me know and we can address it in this weekly blog segment.

This segment is starting with me getting over being ill.  So I haven’t grooved on much of anything. Yoga got dialed back when it started aggravating my headache.  It did give me a chance to make a September playlist.  Music plays a huge role in working out for me.  Since I lift at home I usually use a CD player for my listening enjoyment and enjoy a good mix tape (yeah I know its a CD but mix CD just doesn’t flow.)  I embarked to make a mix tape for each month of the year. Some have themes some don’t.  I know its a little late as I should be making Octobers but that’s just how it happened.

September: Rainy Day Mix
 photo 4a4e1b42-7893-48b2-ad43-a641a7e40f4f.jpg