Favorite Yoga Websites

As much as I love books, I use online resources a lot for my yoga practice.  One of the main bonus of online resources is they are often easy to search and access.  That search aspect is very nice when dealing with periodicals.  At one point I had ten years or so of Yoga Journal’s around the house but you have to remember which issue and find the name of the article, so much easier to search for it on google or the website.

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Yoga Journal is probably the most known yoga resource out there.  They have been around for awhile now and have wealth of knowledge on their website.  If I don’t know I start here.  One of my favorite sections is the Home Practice  area.

Yoga Dork is a site that covers the serious and the lighthearted. It keeps a finger on the pulse of yoga and what is topical.  As a result you will see thought provoking posts along with ones that will make you laugh.

Elsie’s Yoga Kula.  If you read my favorite blog sites you saw this one coming.  I fracking love Elsie, love her.  Elsie has put out some of my favorite podcasts and they are free.

More than once I’ve found myself reading Yoga and Health Archive A-Z on Ravi and Ana’s website.  There is a ton of info tucked into that section and it has helped me expand my kundalini yoga practice.  How to modify a pose, an idea on how to help tight neck muscles, and so much more.

3HO is a kundalini site.  Need a mediation this is my go to.  It is a good source for the teachings of Yogi Bhajan who brought kundalini yoga to the west. It also has info on mudras, chakra, and pranayam.


Favorite Sites of August 2013

Here are a few of the websites I have been grooving on for the past month or longer.  They tend to be staples in my internetting.  Have a look and enjoy.

1. First website is Stumptous.com.  I love Mistress Krista with her rants and no nonsense attitude towards women and weight training.  Stumptous is a site that has served me well over the years for training programs and advice.  If you haven’t checked out this site do it.

2. Another long time favorite is Heidi Swanson’s 101 Cookbooks.  She has a couple of cookbooks out now too.  Heidi’s focus is on whole foods and vegetarian cuisine.  It has my go to recipe for cooking quinoa on it.  She has beautiful soups that are on the to try list or already a fixture in the winter soup menus.  Heidi offers a wide variety of recipes.

3. Caroline Hirons over at Beauty Mouth has great skin care advice.  While she is not completely natural in her skin care (neither am I though) she is wonderful. Her cheat sheets for skin care are awesome.  I went through most of my life thinking my skin was just oily and crazy, turned out my skin was dehydrated.  She will tell you what is crap and what is not.

4. Pinterest, oh how I love you.  I’ve been hitting that site pretty hard in the last few weeks.  Food, nail polish, yoga poses, smoothie ideas, hair. Pinterest has it on there.  Much more fun than booking marking stuff and you get to ogle everyone else’s pins.  Oven fries are a staple in my life because of Pinterest.

5. Elsie’s Yoga Kula, I love Elsie.  She is an Anusura instructor who does podcasts.  She is one of my favorites for yoga practice.  She offers beginners, intermediate and advanced yoga practices via free podcasts.  She has 99 podcasts at this point with something for every mood.

If you have any sites you love let me know.  I am always looking for new places to visit and stalk.