As I sat there watching the news the other day in awe that yet another retailer was staying open on Thanksgiving. I started to wonder when did Thanksgiving become Shopsgiving? The shift has been happening for years. It is evident by news stories that people are willing to go shop instead of giving thanks, willing to go stand in the cold to get a good deal, willing to get up at five in the morning to stampede into a shop.
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Where is the willingness to spend time with family and friends or even just relax and be alone. Why do we no longer focus on giving thanks? When many of us have so much to be thankful for. Thanksgiving needs to be taken back by those of us who still believe in giving thanks, celebrating family, and traditions.

My traditions include eating, cooking, laughing, sometimes with people and sometimes solo. Gods know I loved my solo Thanksgivings in Salt Lake. I ate turkey, stuffing, gravy, and pie all by myself and watched whatever movie was in KBYU. It was awesome. These days I spend it with my parents. What I do not do is go shopping.

How will you give thanks this year on Thanksgiving?

Food Trends I Don’t Get

I do not understand the trend to turn bananas into “ice cream” and cauliflower into

“pizza crust” or “mashed potatoes.” I think the last time I ate cauliflower was in my 20’s and in a cauliflower and cheese soup which tasted mostly like cheese and you got a bread bowl and soup for cheap at the Student Union. It was okay but not my first choice.

Bananas and cauliflower are a couple of my least favorite fruit and veg.  Cauliflower smells a bit like vomit to me and tastes bitter.  I don’t like it and refuse to be convinced it tastes remotely like a potato or can morph into a pizza crust.  Bananas are good in bread and that is how I eat most of them.  In smoothies they tend to take over and became the dominant flavour.  

One trend I do like Chia seed pudding.

 You are not going to find me making  fake ice cream out of bananas or pretending cauliflower is something that it is not.  For me those two trends just don’t work.  But there are lots of other trends out there for me to try and I will go for those.