The Superb Saturday Five

Usually they are everywhere but they got camera shy.  That shadow behind the feeder is a hummingbird.
Celebrating the things I found to be superb or interesting in my week.
My Superb Saturday five are……….

1. Spring rainstorms they smell so good!

2. Lettuce popped up this week. Now it just needs to grow faster so I can eat it.

3. Back squatting 99 pounds for five reps. So insanely psyched about this. Last time I was lifting heavy a 100 pounds was my 1 rep max. *happy dances*

4. Hummingbirds showing up.  Its like Star Wars with them whizzing about out there.

5. Learning. Project Eve is a website for women entrepreneurs. Today I was reading  
Hey Girl, Here’s Your Digital to do list Which is giving me the boot in the bum to wade into Google+ and Linkedin. It is nice  to know why you should do yet another online thing-a-ma-jamie.

“4. Claim your Google+ business page.
Speaking of Google, you’ll also want to create a Google+ business page. At first I found Google+ to be a bit of an enigma. In fact, I asked Caimon Jones aka “Genius Startups” to write the article Why You Need To Like Google+ (Even If You Hate It) because I really didn’t get it . You’ll get exposure on this more technically minded social network, but more importantly your customers will see a well-organized summary of your company (one you control) at the top of search results.”
I fall into the really don’t get it category.  I am going to give Google+ and Linkedin a try

Celebrate your superbness, what was superb in your week?

Superb Saturday Five: What was superb in my week.

It seems so easy to focus on what is not going right in one’s life and harder to see the good.  I decided I needed an outlet for the good thus the Saturday 5 were idea came into my head.  What five superb things that happened to me this week?  

Russian Walnut Muffins. Walnuts have omega-3s

1) Made all my reps on dumbbell bench press.  I’ve been stuck at 32.5 pounds for a couple weeks.

2) Sunny days.  Got to go play in the garden.

3) Connecting with a colleague this week.  She is awesome!

4) Russian Walnut Muffins  I love them!

5) The health of my family.

Not necessarily in any particular order but there they are my Superb Saturday 5.  What are yours?