Homemade Sports Drink

I pulled this off an IIN blog last summer as an alternative to commercial sports drinks. The small amount of potassium and sodium they provide is not worth the sugar for me. Plus some of them have brominated oils which contain bromine which is used in flame retardants. My beverage of choice is water but I hit a point when working out that I want something flavoured.
It has orange in it.

A quarter teaspoon of salt doesn’t look like much salt but but if you goof up and put in a half teaspoon you will notice. The original recipe used lemon juice for the flavour, I use what I have on hand or sounds good.  Two of my favorites are cranberry and tamarind.

Homemade Sports Drink
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons honey
4 cups water
flavouring of choice.
Heat 2 cups of water and dissolve salt and honey in it.  Pour over fruit and let cool.  Add the other two cups of water.  Chill. Makes 1 quart.

Flavours I have used
orange juice, fresh squeezed
mixed berries
citrus juice/s
cranberries, squashed
tamarind paste
Anything else you can think of.