Fitting in Exercise

The weather has not been on my side so far for the the last couple of weeks.  See the plan was to run three days a week and do weights two days a week.  That has not happened.  There was one not bad day and one nice day, I did run on both those days but for most of the week it was rainy and cold.

Wind died down while taking pictures.
It hits the point where you just have to make something work even if it is not the planned exercise. Whether it is work, social obligations, weather it seems like there is always something ready to get in the way of exercise.  It helps to have some strategies to deal with this, keep in mind you do not need to be perfect.  It is alright to go off schedule, sometimes  the best option is to take a rest week and then get back to exercising.

I use these strategies all the time.

1. Schedule your exercise, it is an appointment with yourself, keep it.

2. Know what you want to do that week.  Currently I know I want to run 3 days and lift 2 and do as much yoga as feels good.

3. Have a back up plan.  This can be having exercise DVDs at home or just swapping things around.  Since the weather is not on my side this week will most likely end up lift 3  and run 2.

4. Plan your rest days into the schedule.  I am going to Bozeman on Thursday and will be gone all day, that will definitely be a rest day.

5.  Don’t get caught up in the details, just do something and move.  Strolling around the block counts.

6. Rest and recovery are important and vital to any workout plan.  Make sure you get enough rest and adding in foam rolling will help your muscles feel better in the long run.