Loving Kindness

We don’t think about the impact we make on people very often. Most of the time we never know what that impact is, good or bad. Recently I have had the opportunity to find out what impact I did make on someone’s life. I had no idea of the impact I had on her life. I knew the effect she had on mine, it was good and is still good. It kind of blew me away.
 photo Threads-that-are-golden.jpgSee I had no idea, let’s call her Charlotte, no idea how she how viewed our friendship in the past. Its been years since we last talked before Charlotte and I reconnected on Facebook. We’ve been messaging for a couple of months, getting caught up on each others lives and getting to know each other again. Even with the gap, it feels normal to have Charlotte back in my life even if it is now long distance.

Charlotte and I met as teens. We were both on the outside looking in. Neither of us fit in for a variety of reasons. We connected on that aspect and became best friends. That friendship helped get me through some rough patches in high school. We lived across town from each other, there was a lot of telephoning.

This reconnection got me thinking of how we impact the lives of people we meet whether you know them or not. Think of how a stranger smiling at you can brighten your day. A minutes worth of conversation nudges your day into the good. It makes me want to strive to be a good friend in those short encounters. Imagine that impact of continuing in a friendship that can span decades. I chose to give hope and kindness to to my friends, family, and strangers.

I make that choice everyday, don’t get me wrong. I am not perfect, there are still arguments, but I choose how I react and handle it after the fact is what is important. Let those you love know and keep smiling at strangers. Let’s imbue the world with loving kindness.


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