Favorite Yoga Websites

As much as I love books, I use online resources a lot for my yoga practice.  One of the main bonus of online resources is they are often easy to search and access.  That search aspect is very nice when dealing with periodicals.  At one point I had ten years or so of Yoga Journal’s around the house but you have to remember which issue and find the name of the article, so much easier to search for it on google or the website.

 photo yogasitesscreencap.jpg

Yoga Journal is probably the most known yoga resource out there.  They have been around for awhile now and have wealth of knowledge on their website.  If I don’t know I start here.  One of my favorite sections is the Home Practice  area.

Yoga Dork is a site that covers the serious and the lighthearted. It keeps a finger on the pulse of yoga and what is topical.  As a result you will see thought provoking posts along with ones that will make you laugh.

Elsie’s Yoga Kula.  If you read my favorite blog sites you saw this one coming.  I fracking love Elsie, love her.  Elsie has put out some of my favorite podcasts and they are free.

More than once I’ve found myself reading Yoga and Health Archive A-Z on Ravi and Ana’s website.  There is a ton of info tucked into that section and it has helped me expand my kundalini yoga practice.  How to modify a pose, an idea on how to help tight neck muscles, and so much more.

3HO is a kundalini site.  Need a mediation this is my go to.  It is a good source for the teachings of Yogi Bhajan who brought kundalini yoga to the west. It also has info on mudras, chakra, and pranayam.


A Cat, Backbends, and Me

My cat, Tamson  was my workout partner, he yogaed with me, did cardio, lifted weights, well okay really he just napped and snacked, while I worked out.  Tamson died about a month ago, he was old and had lived a good long life. I lost my constant companion.

Tamson lounging in one of his cat carriers.

About now you are all  wondering what this all has to be with backbends.  Backbends open the heart up.  The heart chakra is greatly affected by backbends. They can also release emotions and fears. My yoga practice today happened to include several variations on cobra pose and a couple other backbends.  

I had finished the first heart opening segment and was in the middle of the second heart opening segment in horse stance, punching and doing breath of fire.  Now the only problem was I started crying.  There was the empty kitty bed.  That’s when the breath of fire ended but I kept up with the rest of it as tears streamed down my face.  I felt my grief, sorrow, and how much I miss that cat.

Ravi Singh says “If you can feel it, you can heal it.” I let myself feel what I was feeling and punched the heck out of my sadness today.  I didn’t try to stop the tears and be “balanced” didn’t feel that I needed to get it under control.  I let it be, I let it happen, I chose to feel so that I can heal. Let healing happen in your life, let it blossom and shine. Sat nam.