Exercise and Keeping an Open Mind.

Much of exercising is finding what you like to do and continuing to be open to new ideas and workouts.  I spent my first two years doing workouts out of magazines and continually being disappointed in the results.  I started running and doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) which looking back on it were way beyond my fitness level.  

Post NROLW.  I lost a ton of fat on the ribcage and had to buy new bras.

Running and yoga were my two things for years.  It seemed like no matter what I did with diet and doing more cardio, nothing was changing. It was disheartening.  At this point I knew what I enjoyed and what I did not enjoy and  that was strength training

What I discovered is I don’t hate strength training, its isolation moves I’m not a fan of (bicep curls for example.) A huge part of starting to enjoy lifting weights was finding a good solid program that did something.  I tried New Rules of Lifting for Women (NROLW) and saw some huge changes in my body without changing my diet.

I still run and yoga. I enjoy those activities and they are not being dropped.  But I do tend to change it up seasonally.  Winter tends to be weights and yoga focused.  Summer is running and yoga with two days of lifting. The most important thing about these three activities is I enjoy them.  If you hate what you are doing you will not stick with it.  So find you fun activities and do them with relish.