Forward, the Word of My Year

I’ve never given my year a theme or a word, but last week this concept showed up twice. Thanks to Cora Poage and Cathy Brown Sykora for inspiring me to come up with my own word for the year. Mine is Forward. Why did I pick forward? Because that’s what I need to do, remember to be fearless and move forward.
 photo Forward.jpgMomentum is so strong at this time of year, people love new beginnings and fresh starts. The new year gives us that in force. We are gung ho to stick to our resolutions, our promises made to ourselves and than inertia sets in. The year is no longer new resolutions and promises fall to the wayside.

The last resolution I made was to resolve when I needed to and it works so I stick to it. But word is something different, an embodiment of what this year is going to be and that is going Forward especially where my business is concerned. Forward, I like how that sounds.

One of my Forward actions is my 14 Day Jump Into Healthy which launches today! *squees* This is the stuff I thrive on. Helping others who feel confused figure out their healthy. Jump Into Healthy is 14 days of steps to help you begin cooking at home, get moving, and start managing your stress. If you are interested sign up here.

September is National Yoga Month

What is your Goal? Mine is doing a chin up.

 I have a goal, a purpose if you will. It is something I have never done before, a chin up.  When I first started lifting weights two years ago, all I did was dangle from the chin up bar. Hanging there like a limp fish, no movement other than my uncontrollable laughter, that’s what I do when facing an absurdly hard exercise. I giggled for my first alligator drag, inverted row, chin up.  

The chin up is my goal.  I am going to get there.  When that will be I do not know.  But that is what I am working on.  Kirsta over at has a great primer for  Mistressing the Pullup  that I am using.  Currently I am using the assisted bench chin up in my weights plan.