14 Day Jump Into Healthy

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What is the 14 Day Jump Into Healthy? It is a virtual coaching program that comes to your email address everyday for 14 days. Each day will focus on a different topic to help you begin to find your healthy. This program is for people who..

  • Feel confused about what is healthy and is not healthy.
  • Who want to start cooking at home.
  • Want to be more active.
  • Need to start to de-stress.

A lot of information is covered but it is in bite sized chunks. We want you to go out of your comfort zone but not be overwhelmed. Beginners will receive a strong path to follow and as the program is yours to keep, you can repeat or follow along when you have time. If you get behind its alright.

What do you get?

  • 14 days worth of downloadable content delivered to your inbox.
  • Information, recipes, and video.
  • Help finding the time to exercise and learn simple ways to manage stress.
  • Handouts, tips, and strategies to help you find your healthy.
  • Email and group support to help you meet your goals.

Don’t miss out on the special introductory price for Jump Into Healthy it is half off until 1-31-14 you pay 25 dollars instead of 50. Next round starts on 1-20-31. Missed the 20th start date, you can still purchase Jump Into Healthy for 25 dollars (offer ends 1-31-14) and receive it starting 2-10-14  Want to find your healthy?  Sign up here.

Forward, the Word of My Year

I’ve never given my year a theme or a word, but last week this concept showed up twice. Thanks to Cora Poage and Cathy Brown Sykora for inspiring me to come up with my own word for the year. Mine is Forward. Why did I pick forward? Because that’s what I need to do, remember to be fearless and move forward.
 photo Forward.jpgMomentum is so strong at this time of year, people love new beginnings and fresh starts. The new year gives us that in force. We are gung ho to stick to our resolutions, our promises made to ourselves and than inertia sets in. The year is no longer new resolutions and promises fall to the wayside.

The last resolution I made was to resolve when I needed to and it works so I stick to it. But word is something different, an embodiment of what this year is going to be and that is going Forward especially where my business is concerned. Forward, I like how that sounds.

One of my Forward actions is my 14 Day Jump Into Healthy which launches today! *squees* This is the stuff I thrive on. Helping others who feel confused figure out their healthy. Jump Into Healthy is 14 days of steps to help you begin cooking at home, get moving, and start managing your stress. If you are interested sign up here.

The Grilled Cheese Moratorium

I used to have a moratorium on eating grilled cheese sandwiches. The goal was not to eat them because well they are “fattening” and I was trying to lose weight and be healthy. Healthy living excluded some of my favorite foods such as grilled cheese and brownies. I did not have a grilled cheese for about a year.
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Seriously folks, grilled cheese and a side salad is one of my favorite meals. It is one of the few foods that I will cook for lunch. But at one point I decided no more, not eating them or I will get fat. It took awhile to work through that mindset but I did and the conclusion was grilled cheese sandwiches were back on the menu. Brownies made a comeback too.

With the lifting of the grilled cheese moratorium (yes I do really call it that), I started eating two to three of them a day. They were so good and satisfying. You know what happened? Nothing. I did not gain weight. I did not get fat. Nothing happened except after a couple of months I stopped eating grilled cheese sandwiches several times a day.

Avoiding the food that I want to eat and will make me happy usually ends up in mindless grazing attempting to satisfy that desire. It is not worth it.

Finding My Healthy Part 3: The Rules

After starting to get healthy here are a few of the food rules that I used at various times.  None of them worked out or were sustainable habits for me in the long run. My only real goal at this time was to be healthy and feel better about myself. Some of them still make me laugh and shake my head.  I’ll write more about what worked but for today, we will stick with the unworkable and here they are…..
Monster Chocolate Cake does not look or taste like fruit.
 1. Eating only one serving of something. 4 oz. of cooked pasta will not fill you up. Thank the gods I decided if I was still hungry in half an hour I could eat another serving of something.  Of course I ate every 30 minutes as I was never full.

2. The grilled cheese sandwich moratorium.

3. Fruit as dessert and we are not talking about pie, just fruit.  This one made me stabbity.

4. Clean eating.  I know this phrase is everywhere but it seems restrictive to me and demonizes food.  Is some form of junky chip good for me? No, it is not, but I refuse to put it the into a food caste system that lumps pork shoulder into the same caste due to fat content.  I know what a pork shoulder looks like originally, a pig and the other I am not so sure what it looked like in its pre-processed state. They should not be in the same caste. I no longer adhere to clean eating or call my food clean or unclean unless it involves dirt.

5. Trying to understand USDA guidelines and use the pyramid of food (I know they use a plate now.)  I am still not sure why milk gets its own category as I am not undernourished and I don’t drink it or eat three serving of dairy on a daily basis. Also why are veggies and fruit not emphasized as much as grains. My attempt to get healthy with than food pyramid failed miserably.

What have you tried that didn’t work for you?

Finding My Healthy Part 2: The Ramifications of an Unhealthy Lifestyle

The ramifications of eating trying not to eat, binging, sugar, and eating non-nutrient dense foods was I got sick.  Looking back at what I was doing to my body it is no surprise that I got sick. What is surprising is that I did not get sick sooner.  My body had enough and sent me a very loud and miserable message.

I needed more of this.
I was never a big milk drinker and had started drinking more for calcium, really not the best way to get more calcium, go for some kale instead. I think I always had a mild allergy but with the increases intake of milk I started getting migraines and was snotty leading to sinus infections.  It took me about a year to identify what my migraine trigger was.  I went dairy free, it sucked.  I love cheese and was pretty pissed off about not being able to eat cheese pizza.

And less of this.
Candida was rampant in my body fueled by the large amount of sugar I consumed.  My skin was rashy on my face and digestive tract was inflamed and not healthy.  Yet more dietary changes to get rid of this.  When my acupuncturists handed me the do not eat list for candida, I almost cried.

Not eating had left me with cold hands and feet, that once fall hit never warmed up once they were cold.  Hello classic symptom of under eating. My head was an oil slick, while my body was dry a result of not enough omega-3s in my diet.

I always had a headache, my energy was low, dinner was often sugar, milk in the smallest amounts would give me a three day migraine, poop issues, etc.  This was one of the most miserable times in my life and I did it to myself.  It took awhile to start getting healthy, but other than not being able to drink milk and a random migraine, usually hormone induced, I healed my body by eating real food.