Chin Up Goal Update

In April I announced my goal to do a chin up.  I have yet to do one but I am working on it and am a quarter of the way there which means I have improved and that means I am stronger than I was which is very cool.  Sometimes I worked directly on this goal and others indirectly, either way it is always in the back of my mind when picking out exercise for New Rules of Lifting Supercharged (NROLS).

In August I decided to do NROLS two times a week and instead of a vanity or beachbody day I’d have chin up day. This workout is going to be repeated in variations over the next few months.  For this month one of my main considerations was time I did not want this session going over thirty minutes and it clocked in at twenty so I added in the Turkish get ups (TGU), just because I love them.

Here is what I am doing.  I am not a personal trainer just an enthusiast.

Bicep curls 1×15
Lat. pull down 1×15
Suspended row 1×15
Assisted chin up 1x as many as possible
Reverse Chin up 1x as many as possible
Chin up attempts 1x as many as possible
TGU 1×5 each side

I did this last Wednesday and liked how it flowed and felt about right for with weight choices.  I am hoping to be halfway there by the end of September. 


What is your Goal? Mine is doing a chin up.

 I have a goal, a purpose if you will. It is something I have never done before, a chin up.  When I first started lifting weights two years ago, all I did was dangle from the chin up bar. Hanging there like a limp fish, no movement other than my uncontrollable laughter, that’s what I do when facing an absurdly hard exercise. I giggled for my first alligator drag, inverted row, chin up.  

The chin up is my goal.  I am going to get there.  When that will be I do not know.  But that is what I am working on.  Kirsta over at has a great primer for  Mistressing the Pullup  that I am using.  Currently I am using the assisted bench chin up in my weights plan.