A Day in Food: Wednesday the 5th of June

First thing in the morning water and mango juice

Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled with bacon, spinach, and cheese, English muffin followed up by a no bake energy bites

Post weights: homemade sports drink it was lemon that week and a strawberry coconut protein shake using this watermelon coconut shake but with strawberries, both versions are really yummy.

Lunch: a big salad with romaine, carrots, pine nuts, chicken, feta, croutons, and homemade balsamic vinaigrette ( 2 T. extra virgin olive oil and 1 T. balsamic vinegar.) This was the last of the veg in crisper.

Stuffed pork chops and corn.  Found some leftover stuffing in the freezer and it was cool out that day.  Corn is not my first choice for a “veg” but we had nothing left in the crisper and had just had every frozen veg already. 

Chocolate ice cream was sounding like the best food ever so for my treat of the day that is what I had.  Since I can’t eat it very often I tend to have a good sized portion.  A milk allergy makes me snotty and my inner ears get swollen if I eat too much milk.  Fermented dairy products do not bother me as much as straight up milk. Other beverages not shown are coffee and Japanese allergy tea.

That is what I ate June 5th 2013.