Crazy week menu planning and promptly ignoring the menu.

So I created a menu on Sunday as normal, sounds good right?  Not so much.  This week has been crazy and has left me drained, tired, and sad.

Sunday (Easter)- Ham, baked potato, and asparagus, Strawberry, Kiwi pavlova
Monday- Swedish meatballs, mashed, veg
Tuesday- Chicken Sharwma
Wednesday- Cabbage soup
Thursday- Pizza
Friday- Easy
Saturday- Freezer meal

That was the plan and it didn’t happen. Here is what did happen.

Sunday on plan s far so good. Monday lifted heavy and the backhoe guy came out and dug the big hole. All I wanted was pizza for dinner bumped that up. Tuesday was the day we put Big Doc down. Everyone was tired, sad, and drained. Ended up making BLTs as bacon was popped into oven and all I really had to do is toast bread. Wednesday we actually did have the soup. Thursday no desire to cook at all settled on tomato soup from a can and grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. Friday is going to be steak as we got our half a cow. Saturday will be a freezer meal.