Exercise is like brushing your teeth.

Exercise should be like brushing your teeth, something you do daily. That’s how I think about exercise. Besides not brushing your teeth for a a month or two would be pretty gross and you wouldn’t do that. At least I hope you wouldn’t. Sometimes you have to change how you think about something to start getting it into your life.

Exercise is good for you that’s something we all know, its the implementing of it that is difficult. I rarely hear an excuse that someone was just way too busy to watch the current episode of Game of Thrones, but my they were too busy to exercise. Really it should be the opposite or try combining the two. I watch movies or shows while I peddle away on the stationary bike.

I’ve been told how consistent of an exerciser I am and that is because I made a point to become one. This did not happen overnight but over years. Now I feel off when I am not active, it doesn’t feel good. Yes, there are days I don’t want to but I’ve learned that most of the time and by most I mean 99% of the time I am happy I have exercised.

There are a lot of Tv show and movie workout out there. Game Of Thrones is an easy on to do this for, try this next weekend while watching the season premiere.

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7 thoughts on “Exercise is like brushing your teeth.

  1. You’re so right about the excuses when it comes to working out. Mine is “I’m too tired!” Even though I know I’ll have more energy after a workout 🙂 I love the idea of a TV show workout! What a fun idea!

  2. So, I am the exception here I guess. I don’t own cable and do not watch television. I find it too distracting. I do like yoga but am not BIG into exercise, rather I like movement that works for me at the moment.

  3. Great idea! Like a healthy drinking game. You could get the whole family involved!

  4. I love this outlook! You are spot on with saying we wouldn’t go months without brushing our teeth so why would we do so with exercise? Ultimately we make time for the things that we want to make time for and while exercise may not sound as appealing as, say, watching Game of Thrones, it’s benefits are far greater. Especially since, as you stated, we can work the exercise into the other activities that we would rather be doing at the time.

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