Like the Weather

I’ve started and discarded more than one blog post for today. None of them are flowing or feel inspired and all of them need a lot more work. And they are not working out today. This happens every once in a while, you’d think with taking a blogation I’d be ready to go. But I am not.

Its dark and gloomy again. Last week we started out with a storm that left us with a foot of snow. A week later, today, we have another storm that is supposed to leave us another foot of snow. Welcome to spring in the Rockies. Last I heard we had 150% snow pack in the mountains so we have had a lot of weather this winter.

March is the month when I start to feel the lack of light, our days are longer but its been so cloudy, we haven’t seen much of it. It becomes hard to keep up even with the Happy Tips. Cabin fever is setting in. I want to get outside and dig in the dirt. Get my potatoes started, turn over the garden beds, pour boiling vinegar on weeds all that pre-planting stuff.

All About the Weather by 10,000 Maniacs has been stuck in my mind this morning and feels like an appropriate song for today.