Monthly Groove: Recipes

The wether has been crappy here and as a result I have been in the kitchen more often. Because who wants to go out in over a foot of snow in bitter cold weather. Not me. A few weeks ago I said I wasn’t trying new recipes and well I didn’t do that I kept on trying new recipes. I’d had a string of disappointments that was offset by the amazing success of a new coffee cake recipe.
 photo Foodcollage.jpg
Which leads us to this month groove and no its not coffee cake. Its recipes!. Old favorites, new favorites, food that just sounds good and you want to try it out. Having a stash of recipes that you can rely on to feed you and/or your family and friends makes cooking easy. Remember good doesn’t have to be complicated some of the simplest recipes are the best.

Here’s some of my favorites that I’ve highlight on this blog.

Berry, Cherry, and Kale Green Smoothie

Basic Marinara Sauce (big batch)

Roasted Tomatoes

Honey Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Chicken, Avocado, Spinach, and Mushroom Sandwiches

Multi-Grain Bread