Happy Tips, staying up in winter.

Its getting towards the end of winter and the lack of light and time spent indoors starts to take its toll. Moods starting getting gloomy and sad being stuck inside coupled with the lack of sunshine. I know for me it tends to be subtle thing that creeps up on me and I realized I have a case of the winter blahs.
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So what can you do to alleviate this. You don’t always have the choice to get out into the sun this time of year. Clouds, snow, rain all that fun winter stuff can defeat your best efforts to perk your self up. So here’s what I do.

Exercise. I make sure I am moving whether it is lifting weights or Januaries Cardio Blast to help elevate my mood. I keep moving any way I can.

Meditation it helps keep me aware of my mood and evens me out when I start going
topsy turvy. 5 minutes a day of sitting and being still will make a big difference.

Vitamin D is hard to make the natural way during the winter. Supplementing it can help bring your mood up and is an easy fix.

Green Smoothies. There is something about them that perks me up if I am feeling blah. Plus its an easy way to get some more veg and fruit into your life.

That’s how I keep my mood up this time of year. What do you do?


6 thoughts on “Happy Tips, staying up in winter.

  1. Great suggestions! It is amazing how these simple things can make such a big contribution to our well being! I also like to make sure that I am keeping my environment around me clean, especially during the winter when being stuck indoors more often can be stuffy and get cluttered. It is definitely uplifting to have a clean home and car to welcome you!

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