Valentine’s Day and letting it go

Hey peeps, I know this week can be a tough one for many people. Valentines Day is kind of overwhelming thrust upon one. Its an overblown holiday that all too often at least in my world ends poorly or rarely holds up to expectations. Pretty much I’m over it and don’t pay much attention to it. But what it does make me think of is all those years I wanted to have a good Valentine’s Day or even have one and the disappointment that usually ensued.
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My first best Valentine’s Day was not all that great by most standards but by mine it was stellar. I worked in a restaurant so of course I worked and my boyfriend at the time had to work the next morning at 5. We met at my apartment and exchanged gifts. That’s it.

Its hard to drop expectations or what you want to happen when others are getting flowers at work and you get nothing at all. Its disheartening but at some point I decided frack it and started buying myself Valentine’s gifts or doing something that I wanted to do. Didn’t matter I was not in a relationship or in one. It became a day that was no longer ruled by disappointment.


4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day and letting it go

  1. I have talked to hundreds of women about intimacy and did a lot of training with a tantra teacher. Expectations always get in our way. It is good to visualize what you want and then surrender. It is important to realize that the newfound lover does not always appear as we imagined either.

  2. I really like your perspective on this! It is too easy to get caught up in expectations and how we think things “should” go that we miss the beauty and wonder in what really is going on. I have found that things are usually amazing but not always in the ways I would have initially thought. If we get too attached to what we think should be happening we can go way off the rail and even create our own disillusion and failed expectation. I really like how you take care of your wants/needs, it allows for anything beyond what you are doing for yourself to just be a bonus!

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