Buying Food From Friends

Today was set off course for a bit by a surprise delivery. I wasn’t expecting our friend to show up with the lamb we bought from them. One great thing about living in a rural area is we know folks who raise sheep or cows. So when we get the chance to we buy our meat from them.
 photo DSCF2007-6.jpg
A couple a days ago our friend called us up asking if we wanted to buy half a lamb. Of course we did. We jumped on the opportunity. We have also worked out a deal with a couple other friends to buy half a cow. They are taking care of it until it is time to butcher.

Its a wonderful thing to know not only where your food came from but the people who raised and cared for it. I know many people do not get this opportunity and wish more people had this opportunity.

I am looking forward to the lamb delivered to day and out upcoming half a cow. There is a transparency in this chain that is sorely lacking in today’s big business that surrounds much of the food we consume. Being able to step out of that system feels good.