What’s Up in 2014: Happy New Year

There’s a few thing I would like to do this year some are just for fun and some for work. I am going to make 2014 be a brilliant year. I am sure of it. Here are a few goals I have for this year.
 photo new09.jpg
GIMP learn it better! I started Gimping in November 2013 and I really like. Can we say fan art! I participated in a Secret Santa over at Gate World this year. I had fun making the stuff for my person and getting some lovely work from someone else. It also comes in handy for blog pictures.

Collage more. Collage is calling to me hardcore. Mixed media art I need to do it.

Volunteer at the Stafford Animal Shelter. I want to give back to the place that took care of my gal before I adopted her. I am thinking cat cuddler and helping out with Bark in the Park.

Toastmasters has a local branch. Its on my list of things I want to do and it will help hone my public speaking skills.

Newsletter, I will do a newsletter. I will do it, you should sign up for it. *wink, wink* It will be weekly summation of my blogs and include current programs, deals, and other opportunities. Sign up here!

2014 is a year that is going to focus on my business. I have come a long way and still a long way to go. I’ll be working on increasing my local in person presence while keeping up and exploring my online presence. I’m seriously interested in Google+ and will be launching a business page for that in January. Of course I’ll still be tweeting links of interest, tips, and cool stuff.

Figure out the next step for education. There are few ideas floating about in my head that I want to explore and see who and what speaks to me. Looking at B School and want to check into getting certified with Ravi Singh and Ana Brett as a Kundalini yoga instructor.

One thing that I am really excited and proud of is my 14 Day Jump Into Healthy. It is 14 days of content delivered to your inbox and is yours to keep, so if you get behind its not a big dealio. What it will do is help you to start cooking at home, get moving, and de-stress. It currently half price until January 31st at 25 bucks, this is a steal. Lot’s of great stuff in it. 14 Day Jump Into Healthy Sign Up!

Now that its all written down that looks like a ton of stuff to do. Holy fracking moly, I’m excited.