A New Family Member: Cat Adoption

Last Friday we had a new addition to our family, we adopted a new cat. I’ve been stalking cats on the Stafford Animal Shelter’s site for a long while. Originally the plan was to adopt in November. But I got hit with a on call notice for federal jury duty. Possibly being stuck in Billings with a new cat at home, that wouldn’t have been fair to either of us. So I put it off for a month.

I had not been to the Stafford Animal Shelter before and walking in there was a pleasant surprise, the staff was friendly and the facility super clean. I am extremely impressed with them and once I get my new cat buddy filled up with love and used to being home. I am going to volunteer to be a cat cuddler.

They have a ton of cats all the time and there seems to be a need for that. Plus I would like to give back to the Stafford Animal Shelter for taking in my little girl who was found in the attic with another cat by a repairman. The Shelter called her Mrs Wilson but she now goes by Wilhelmina Wilson.
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