Home Gym

Working out at home has a some great advantages: short commute time and being able to wear your grungies. Collecting equipment for my home gym has taken a few years. The collecting really started after I decided to continue lifting.
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New Rules of Lifting for Women was my gateway program. I had such good results and after realizing how weak I was, I loved feeling stronger. I did NROLW with dumbbells, even though it called for a barbell for some exercises. At that point in time plunking down a large sum of money for equipment that might never get used again was not appealing. So I improvised.

I started with a swiss ball, a yoga mat, and dumbbells (we already had the dumbbells.) Than added a barbell starter set, a bench, and eventually more plates for the barbell. Somethings I haven’t been able to bring myself to buy yet, sticker shock. Platforms to jump onto are expensive. Here’s what I have collected over the years.

Swiss ball is one of the first things I acquired, love that ball. It used to be used for crunches. Now I do roll outs with it and mountain climbers and supine hip extension.

Barbell and weight plates. I bought a standard barbell space is an issue the length works well for the area I have. There are other options pick the one that works for you. It has taken a couple years for me to outgrow my 100 pound starter set. It came with dumbbell handles so you get the best of both world. I need to pick up another set of handles so I can have more weight options when doing two dumbbell exercises back to back

Bench. This is the one item I wished I’d researched more or seen in person before buying it. I like my bench and it works well, not sure I love it. It has a few accoutrements on it that I didn’t want and don’t use but it was a good price and I got free shipping on it. You will need it for bench presses, step ups, inverted rows and more.

Stationary bike stand, I use it a lot especially in the winter. I use my old road bike for it. Easy to set up and take down as needed