The December Cookie Challenge

December usually means some kind of fun challenge to add extra movement to my life as there is a ton of cookies and baked goods around. I was pastry chef, what can I say? Last year I did a Squatathon over at Fitocracy and before that I did Cookie challenges. The Cookie Challenge is where you do an extra minute of exercise for each cookie you eat.
 photo DSCF2010.jpgYou really start to think about how may cookies you decide to eat. 15 cookies means 15 minutes extra exercise. It makes you think more about what extra food you are putting into your mouth. While I found both to be fun and effective, I don’t think either are going to happen his year.

Monday I wrote about not having any exercise mojo and putting a Cookie Challenge on top of not even wanting to do maintenance levels of exercise sounds like a really dumb idea. So far it looks like I am just taking it easy this month and not pushing it. I’m hoping my mojo shows up for the New Year. *crosses fingers*

But, if you are looking for a fun way to squeeze in some extra movement this December, try the Cookie Challenge. Its fun, its easy to do as you can do it anywhere. Its adaptable, instead of minutes you could do jumping jacks or kettlebell swings.

How are you staying active this holiday season?