Do you Unplug?

How much of the day are you plugged in? Do you consciously set aside offline time, or does it happen whenever it happens? This is the prompt for November 19th of NaBloPoMo as I find myself at a loss for ideas at the moment and am stressed out hardcore at the moment.

I am plugged in too much sometimes and other it seems like not enough. Having friends around the world the internet helps me keep in touch with them, I love that aspect. But it can be all to easy to get stuck online with message boards and social media mindless refreshing to see if anything else has happened or been posted. Its amazing how long this can go on for. Its embarrassing, really it is.

Yes I consciously set aside time I am not online or plugged in. It would drive me mad not to. My two times tend are in the late afternoon and before bedtime. I like to read a bit before I start dinner and try to keep internetting to a minimum during this time, it does creep in mostly in the form of Pinterest. Ten P.M. is my night time cut off for checking stuff. I find I sleep better if I have an hour or two of not being plugged in before I go to sleep.

So do you all unplug?