Mixtape Sunday – March

Mixtape Sunday the March edition is brought to you by St. Patricks day. I decided to do a Celtic mix for the month. Most of the CDs are in storage and not on the new laptop. The names of couple of bands and a few songs are going to be sketchy. I knew this month was gong to be challenging as some songs do not have lyrics and there are a couple of independent releases. I’ll fill them in when I find the CDs, but most of it is there. Don’t ask me why I picked the Ides of March for the title.

Ides of March
Bottle of Smoke – the Pogues
Stick to the Craythur – Green Fields of America
John Barleycorn Must Die – ??
Whiskey in the Jar – ?? They are from Canada, parents saw them in Calgary.
Billy’s Bones – The Pogues
The Sleepless Sailor – Kate Rusby
Stolen Apples – Lunasa
Willy’s Lady – Martin Carthy
Young Ned of the Hill – The Pogues
When the Kye Came Hame – The Tannahill Weavers
Puirt A Beul – Sileas
The Humours of the King of Balleyhooley – Patrick Street
Finnegan’s Wake – That dang Canadian band again.
Logan’s waters? – Off a Scottish compilation.
Botany Bay – Kate Rusby
Jolly Coachman – ?? Same guy who did Barleycorn
Merry Sisters of Fate – Lunasa
Unknown name and Barleycorn guy again
Come by the Hills -Lorena Mckennit
I am Stretched on Your Grave -Dead Can Dance