How to make a stock.

When I cut out dairy I had to read labels and once you start reading them, that’s when you realize all the weird stuff that is in your food. One stock I looked at had yeast in it, I didn’t buy that one. This is how you end up in the organic/health food aisle buying stock. In Salt Lake I had access to inexpensive stock it was two bucks a quart and it often went on sale. When I moved up to Montana that changed. The stock I used to buy for cheap is four dollars a quart up here and rarely goes on sale.
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I started making my own stock at that point in time. It sounds hard and you do need to be around the house, but you don’t have to stare at it all day while it simmers. The easiest way I have found is to freeze poultry carcasses and your excess vegetables for it. Floating about my freezer at the moment are several chicken carcasses, one turkey carcass, parsley stems, carrot and celery bits, and onion skins. I save it all up and when I am ready or in need of stock, its all there and I just need to dump it in a pot.
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Poultry Stock
1 Turkey carcass or 1 or more chicken carcasses, they can be raw or cooked.
4 or more Carrots, halved if big
3 or more Celery
2 to 4 Onions with skin, quartered
several cloves garlic whole
handful parsley or parsley stems
1 teaspoon thyme, dried or fresh
1 tables spoon whole peppercorns
2 to 4 bay leaf

Get a coffee or tea filter and put the thyme, peppercorns, and bay leaves in the filter and tie it up.
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Put it all in the pot and make sure that water covers everything thing you put in sock pot.

Bring to a boil and than turn on low to medium low and let simmer for an hour or longer. Everything in your pot will be mushy and well cooked when it is done. Turn off the heat and let it cool a bit and pop it into the fridge and let it sit over night to cool. This does two things let’s you know if you need to skim the fat and do it easily and makes pouring more easy as it is not hot potentially scalding you.  Tune in tomorrow for a How to Strain Your Stock.


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  1. Nice! I like to call my freezer the “Chamber of Horrors” because it is crammed full of carcasses for just this purpose. Not everyone’s favorite thing to find in the freezer, so I TRY to remember to label them. 🙂

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