Just what is a Health Coach?

ZOMG your a health coach that’s so cool! Uh, so what do you do? I’ve had that response more than once. People think its really cool I’m a health coach but have no idea what I do. So just what does a health coach do?
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A health coach is a person who helps you figure out what you want in terms of your health goals and how to achieve them. If your health coach is holistic that will also entail looking at all aspects of your life, career, relationships, emotions, spirituality along with exercise and food. A good coach is going to help you figure it out, not give a list of stuff to do. Not that we don’t hand out homework but it is geared towards the goals my clients set.

As a coach I am not in the drivers seat, you are. One of my clients was trying to include more exercise into her life. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. During one of our conversations we started talking about she loved to go swimming and doing Pilates. Which ended up in a talking about her Dosha, she’s a kapha and how those two activities were perfect for her and her Dosha . She ended up trying out kundalini yoga and loved it. I guided her along but she made the end decision.

The goal is for someone to create a lifestyle that is sustainable for them. What you get is a collaborative effort to meet your goals. We want you to build up a tool kit you can take with you, of strategies that work and can be applied easily in real life. A health coach will challenge you at times. Whitney who used to coach me, challenged me to see my disordered eating a thing of beauty. Let me tell you that was a mind blower for me as I never ever even thought of it as a positive. I am still working on that one.

To sum it up a health coach is a person who helps you set goals, helps you discover what you need to do to get there, and empowers you. Hi. I’m Beth and I work with who feel confused about what is healthy and what is not. I help them work towards eating better, getting active, and recognizing the importance of relaxation. That’s what I do as a health coach.