Mixtape Sunday

Mixtapes, playlists whatever you want to call them are some of my favorites things. I make them for weights, running, walking, to listen to in the shower. After I quit German class in Uni I took all my cassettes from the class and made mixtapes out of them. It is not unusual for me to send them to friends and have friends send them to me. It is a great way to discover new music.

It was the new year and while everyone else resolved to lose ten pounds or go to the gym I resolved to make a new mixtape each month. I thought I have this nailed, no problem. It turns out there are months where inspiration flees or have to make yourself not put the same three bands on over and over.

Sunday is now Mixtape day for the next 12 Sundays. Some of them were lost when the old Mac decided to die on me, so no screen capping fo a good portion of them, which is kind of a bummer. At least I have the CDs burned, so here we go.

January’s mixtape is Hogmany the name for the Scottish New Year.

Athol-Brose – Cocteau Twins
Shine Down – Ximena Sarinana
Kingdom’s Coming – Bauhaus
Dial – School of the Seven Bells
Love – The Cult
Oh My God – Cults
Dreamer – Elizaveta
Disappear – Evanescence
Finish Line – Fanfarlo
Underneath It All- No Doubt
Cheap Kicks – The Noisettes
Between Something And Nothing – The Ocean Blue
Silver – Echo and the Bunnymen
All Of This And Nothing – Psychedelic Furs
Begin The Begin – REM
That Woman’s Got Me Drinking – Shane MacGowan
Brand New Shoes – She & Him
The Dirt Eaters – His Name is Alive
Brandy Alexander – Feist
Luxurious – Gwen Stefani