The Grilled Cheese Moratorium

I used to have a moratorium on eating grilled cheese sandwiches. The goal was not to eat them because well they are “fattening” and I was trying to lose weight and be healthy. Healthy living excluded some of my favorite foods such as grilled cheese and brownies. I did not have a grilled cheese for about a year.
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Seriously folks, grilled cheese and a side salad is one of my favorite meals. It is one of the few foods that I will cook for lunch. But at one point I decided no more, not eating them or I will get fat. It took awhile to work through that mindset but I did and the conclusion was grilled cheese sandwiches were back on the menu. Brownies made a comeback too.

With the lifting of the grilled cheese moratorium (yes I do really call it that), I started eating two to three of them a day. They were so good and satisfying. You know what happened? Nothing. I did not gain weight. I did not get fat. Nothing happened except after a couple of months I stopped eating grilled cheese sandwiches several times a day.

Avoiding the food that I want to eat and will make me happy usually ends up in mindless grazing attempting to satisfy that desire. It is not worth it.