Weekly Groove: Cold Weather Running Tops

have two kinds of running gear hot weather and cold weather. Hot weather is easy tanks and shorts. Cold weather running clothes now I put more thought into those. Buying a a top or bottoms that don’t work for the cold are a bummer. I have several cold weather items that I don’t like and both of them have one thing in common, they are too short. It is currently snowing here as I write this post.

Which brings us to the weekly groove favorite cold weather running tops. Things that make it a good top are… Long sleeves that cover at least part of my hands, preferably with a thumb slit. The top also needs to be long and form fitting. I have a too short and not form fitting one and the cold just goes right up it and the sleeves will not pull over my hands. I only wear it when I have to or am walking. A zipper in front is nice too, so you can unzip or zip depending on how warm or chilly you feel.
 photo DSCF2015-3.jpgIt is currently snowing here as I write this post, so it feels appropriate to talk about cold weather running tops.