Workouts and being Sick

Working out while sick, what to do? Do you push on through the workout or rest? My inclination is to tell you to rest or do something that is very easy. Regular exercise will help you fight off infection and help prevent disease. But once you are already sick it can be difficult to decide whether to proceed with a workout, modify or skip it.
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Keep in mind it is your immune system that goes to work after a hard workout. The immune system takes care of the muscles you stressed during that workout. Which means if you are sick the immune system is working to make you well. Put a hard workout on top of that and there is the potential to overload it and compromise your goals.

Recently my glands decided to swell. I was tired, my throat and head hurt, and I felt cruddy in general. I thought about exercising and said frack that. A few days later I tried to yoga and it made my headache worse. I stopped what I was doing and went back to reading. All in all I took about a week off of exercise. My current weight lifting program is challenging enough when I feel like superwoman, let alone when I all I want is some soup, lemonade, and to go back to bed.

Instead of overloading my immune system I took time off, eased back into exercising, and finished NROLS Basic Training 4 feeling awesome instead of tired and dead.