Weekly Groove: Plank

Plank is one of my favorite ways to work my abdominal muscles. Plank primarily works the transverse and rectus muscle in the abdomen along with the erector spinae. Plus it also hits the deltoids, rotor cuffs, glutes, quads and a few other muscles that I can’t remember off the top of my head. It involves using your whole body.
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Plank is my go to ab exercise. I didn’t feel a big difference in my torso strength before I started planking. It was a tough stretch making it to fifteen seconds when I first started them but I kept at it and have made it to a two minute plank. My next plank goal is to hold it three minutes.

Where I have I noticed the difference? Plank has helped in general chores such as moving feed bags and feeding horse. I have more stamina when it comes to lugging heavy things around. Plank has also made a huge difference in my running and weight lifting. I can sure tell the difference, pre-plank all of these activities were harder.

There are a ton of variations you can work through besides aiming for time, to challenge yourself with. It makes it hard to get bored with this exercise which is why it is this weeks workout groove.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Groove: Plank

  1. Dear god I hate plank, you’re a brave woman! Congratulations on reaching two minutes, I hope you get to three soon. Do you have any tips for preventing lower back pain? The last time I tried it, my lower back started really hurting.

  2. If you sink in the ab area it will kill your back. I did that in the beginning and had to work hard not to sink down towards the floor. Form is king for anything.

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