Why You Should Practice Yoga.

A lot of people start yoga to stretch or as a recovery workout  and yoga works very well for that.  But it can help in a few areas we struggle with, such as sitting too long, over eating, and changing  your mood.  A few things yoga can help……..

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1.  Help alleviate back pain. There are many causes of back pain and one of them is sitting in a chair working at a computer.  Sitting for long periods of time shortens the hip flexors and pulls the front of the body forward. Yoga will help you open the front of the body, build abdominal strength, and can free up your hips which will all help alleviate back pain.  If you have a back injury be careful, consult a doctor, and seek out a good teacher.

2. The breathe is so important.  Shallow breathing stimulates the flight/fight instinct and makes one feel panicky, long deep breathing changes that.  Taking a full, deep breath calms and soothes, along with giving you a good hit of oxygen. Notice how you breath when you are upset or angry and then start to breathe deeply.  It becomes harder to hold onto those emotions once the breathe pattern changes.

3. Mood! Yoga is a natural mood elevator.  It will change bad moods into good if you give it a chance.  In a good mood use yoga to enhance it and maintain it.  Work it out on your mat so you don’t have to work it out on  yourself or someone else.

4. Mindfulness.  Yoga can help you be more aware of behavior patterns you want to change.  Being mindful attunes you to you and your desires and passions that you might even be aware of.  Mindfulness helps to reinforce positive patterns you want to keep and grow.

5. Meditation is a subtle creature that works on all levels.  Being still and quiet is an activity that isn’t seen too much in modern life.  Make time for stillness and open up your life.  Don’t be put off by mind or body chatter that is part of the process.  Meditation can take many forms so experiment with it.  It can be done at your desk, while walking, driving, so many places and activities that can be turned into a form of meditation.


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