Tips for the Beginner Yogi

I love yoga.  When I started practicing yoga it was difficult to find books and videos.  One would head down to the local metaphysical bookstore because no one else had anything on yoga.  But I wanted to try yoga. So I tracked down a Sivananda Yoga book and eventually found the old Yoga Journal videos and bought all of them and they were expensive for a college student.  The University I went to had a class that I signed up for.  Susan Ann was my first yoga teacher, she glowed and was warm and welcoming.  She taught us a wide variety of styles so we could try them all.  She inspires me to this day.
Finishing up with a breathing meditation.

Getting started can often be the hardest part about adding in something to one’s life.  Here are some easy steps to get you started in your yoga practice.

1. Take classes and try a wide variety of styles and teachers. Let the teacher know you are new to yoga  and if you have any injuries.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
2. Not all of your yoga sessions need to be long or hard.  If you are tired, sore, or rundown relaxation yoga will do more for you than a tough session.  
3. Practice at home. A home yoga practice allows you to deepen your knowledge and lets you work at your own pace.
4. Forget the full expression of an asana.  It is about the journey, not the destination which you may never get to. Work where you are that day and that moment.
5.  Don’t be afraid of meditation and chanting, it is designed to make you the best you can be.  

Namaste and Sat nam.