Simple Lifestyle Changes Part 2

Making small change in your life is an easy way to start finding your healthy.  We had simple changes 1-5 a while back.  These are all changes I use or have used at one point in time and found they made a difference.  Here are Simple Lifestyle Changes 6 through 10.

 photo DSCF2047.jpg6. Ditch the soda.  No one needs extra sugar in their life and the diet sodas may not add calories but they sure don’t have any health benefits. I still struggle with my diet coke habit, I love that stuff.  The less I drink it the less I want one.  I used to have one a day and am now down to a couple a week.  It is a process.

7. 5 minutes of meditation can change your mood and mindset.  All you need to do is breathe deep and consciously for 5 minutes.  Try it and see what happens, don’t let your ego stop you when it tells you to quit, keep going and make yourself stronger.

8. Try a healthy food you think is weird.  A year ago I thought green smoothies were weird and gross and had never tried one.  I was hooked after my first one.

9. Smile at a stranger and pass happiness on. Sometimes all it takes is a smile from someone to make your day better.  If you make eye contact, flash them a smile, this has made my day more than once and turned a bad day good.

10. Walk more.  Is something two blocks away?  Walk there instead of driving.  Park at the back of the parking lot, this is one of my favorites.


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