Finding My Healthy Part 3: The Rules

After starting to get healthy here are a few of the food rules that I used at various times.  None of them worked out or were sustainable habits for me in the long run. My only real goal at this time was to be healthy and feel better about myself. Some of them still make me laugh and shake my head.  I’ll write more about what worked but for today, we will stick with the unworkable and here they are…..
Monster Chocolate Cake does not look or taste like fruit.
 1. Eating only one serving of something. 4 oz. of cooked pasta will not fill you up. Thank the gods I decided if I was still hungry in half an hour I could eat another serving of something.  Of course I ate every 30 minutes as I was never full.

2. The grilled cheese sandwich moratorium.

3. Fruit as dessert and we are not talking about pie, just fruit.  This one made me stabbity.

4. Clean eating.  I know this phrase is everywhere but it seems restrictive to me and demonizes food.  Is some form of junky chip good for me? No, it is not, but I refuse to put it the into a food caste system that lumps pork shoulder into the same caste due to fat content.  I know what a pork shoulder looks like originally, a pig and the other I am not so sure what it looked like in its pre-processed state. They should not be in the same caste. I no longer adhere to clean eating or call my food clean or unclean unless it involves dirt.

5. Trying to understand USDA guidelines and use the pyramid of food (I know they use a plate now.)  I am still not sure why milk gets its own category as I am not undernourished and I don’t drink it or eat three serving of dairy on a daily basis. Also why are veggies and fruit not emphasized as much as grains. My attempt to get healthy with than food pyramid failed miserably.

What have you tried that didn’t work for you?