Tips for Beginner Runners

I started running in I want to say 2004?  I could be wrong as I am rubbish with dates and years. But I’ve been doing it for a while now and still enjoy it.  It gets me outside into the fresh air and encourages me to enjoy the beautiful place that I live in.  My first experience with running was Junior High gym class and it was not positive, in fact it sucked.  I hated it so much,  it came as a huge surprise when I found out I liked it.

My new trail runners, aren’t they pretty.
Some of the things I did not realize when I started running and was not  in shape: are that running really is an advanced exercise, base training should be thought of in years not months or weeks, and how much I would like it. There are several things I recommend to beginning runners:

1. Go to your local running store and get evaluated by them for shoes. What works for me, your friend, or someone else might not work for you.  The right shoe will make a big difference.

2. Start with a beginner running program. The Couch to 5K plan is a great way to start running.  That is the plan I used when I started running. You want to ease into it your muscles, tendons,and ligaments need time to adjust.

3. Running is long term relationship, base building, speed work, lactate threshold are built up over years.  

4. Cotton is evil!  It holds moisture which means when it is hot you are a soggy chafing mess and in winter you are a hypothermic soggy mess. I got blisters until I bought running socks. Buy running clothes with wicking fabrics.

5. Have fun and enjoy yourself.  Stop and smell the roses or enjoy the view when running, not every run has to be an intense challenge.