Body Image: Fat knees

So, okay this is a blog post about knees, yes really.  My knees are fat, this is the opinion I have of my knees.  Are knees sexy, cute, or hot?  Not really. But for whatever bizarre reason, I do not like mine.  My knees have always been huge  no matter how thin I was, the knees looked fat. Right about now you are thinking this chica is crazy.

There they are my knees.
There is a reason I decided to write about my crazy fat knee obsession.  Firstly, I had a dream in which my girlfriends and I were talking about my knees and one of them agreed they were fat.  It was one of those vague dream people so I don’t know who to point the finger at.  Secondly, Molly Galbraith’s Its Hard Out Here for a Fit Chick blog post which talks about her struggle with body image.

They are not as big as my brain likes to think they are.
Body image can be such a daunting task.  Why do we make loving ourselves body, soul, and mind so hard?  I find I am much more forgiving of others than I am of myself. Nitpicking about our body parts when you take a step back and look at it objectively is silly.  But at the same time that nitpicking can destroy how we feel about ourselves which makes it not silly at all.  You have to love yourself where you are right at this very second, not some future you or past you. 

Seated view.

I have decided I need to make peace with my knees and love them for what they can do for me and how they look.  Really they are not giant and fat knees for a person my size, it is time to stop calling my knees fat. It stops now.  My knees allowed me to squat 99 pounds for three set of five reps, that is awesome of them to help me do that.


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  1. I have the same exact problem.. I’ve been looking for ways to get rid of the fat but have failed terribly. My last resort is liposuction on my knees. I’ve tried sorting d exercise. No matter how small I get everywhere else, my knees always stay large.

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