Finding My Healthy Part 2: The Ramifications of an Unhealthy Lifestyle

The ramifications of eating trying not to eat, binging, sugar, and eating non-nutrient dense foods was I got sick.  Looking back at what I was doing to my body it is no surprise that I got sick. What is surprising is that I did not get sick sooner.  My body had enough and sent me a very loud and miserable message.

I needed more of this.
I was never a big milk drinker and had started drinking more for calcium, really not the best way to get more calcium, go for some kale instead. I think I always had a mild allergy but with the increases intake of milk I started getting migraines and was snotty leading to sinus infections.  It took me about a year to identify what my migraine trigger was.  I went dairy free, it sucked.  I love cheese and was pretty pissed off about not being able to eat cheese pizza.

And less of this.
Candida was rampant in my body fueled by the large amount of sugar I consumed.  My skin was rashy on my face and digestive tract was inflamed and not healthy.  Yet more dietary changes to get rid of this.  When my acupuncturists handed me the do not eat list for candida, I almost cried.

Not eating had left me with cold hands and feet, that once fall hit never warmed up once they were cold.  Hello classic symptom of under eating. My head was an oil slick, while my body was dry a result of not enough omega-3s in my diet.

I always had a headache, my energy was low, dinner was often sugar, milk in the smallest amounts would give me a three day migraine, poop issues, etc.  This was one of the most miserable times in my life and I did it to myself.  It took awhile to start getting healthy, but other than not being able to drink milk and a random migraine, usually hormone induced, I healed my body by eating real food.