5 Simple Lifestyle Changes

All too often we can have an all or nothing attitude when we decide to get healthy, exercise, or lose weight.  There is the urge to dive in and change it all and for some that will work for them.  For me and many others it doesn’t.  It is much harder flub up on a few small changes at a time.

Chia seeds!

Keep in mind long term changes do not  happen overnight so if you forget, flub it up, forget, the game is not over, it just restarts right than.  Restart whenever you need to, don’t wait for the next day or week.  

5 Simple Lifestyle Changes

1. Drink water.  So simple and sometimes so hard to do.  

2. Eat your veggies! Add an extra serving to your day or play the how many servings of veg. in a day game.

3. Try something new.  Learn how to cook a new whole grain or vegetable.

4. Get moving.  Start simple by going for a walk, try something new, or do something you love.

5. Swap a take out meal for a homemade one.


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