Superb Saturday Five: What was superb in my week.

It seems so easy to focus on what is not going right in one’s life and harder to see the good.  I decided I needed an outlet for the good thus the Saturday 5 were idea came into my head.  What five superb things that happened to me this week?  

Russian Walnut Muffins. Walnuts have omega-3s

1) Made all my reps on dumbbell bench press.  I’ve been stuck at 32.5 pounds for a couple weeks.

2) Sunny days.  Got to go play in the garden.

3) Connecting with a colleague this week.  She is awesome!

4) Russian Walnut Muffins  I love them!

5) The health of my family.

Not necessarily in any particular order but there they are my Superb Saturday 5.  What are yours?